Best Diving Destinations: 17 Best Places to Scuba Dive

Visiting the world’s best scuba diving destinations is the perfect idea for any adventure vacation. Whether you are taking a solo trip, going on a family vacation or a romantic getaway, it opens up a whole new world of adventure.

The best diving sites hold promise of fun for everyone. Some offer a variety of options for kids and adults, novices and pros alike while others have specific focus groups.

No matter what your idea of fun is, this experience is worth a try. It will likely be the first time you get to breathe under water. In this intriguing world, you can neither hear voices nor talk. It will be an opportunity to escape from reality and take in all that nature throws your way in the watery deep.

The best place to go scuba diving depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. To simplify the choice, we have analyzed top diving destinations based on their suitability to different groups. Read on to choose the best fit.

Best Diving Destinations to Learn How to Scuba Dive


Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao Island is a scenic tropical paradise with about 8 kilometers of coral reef. The weather here is perfect for diving and the lessons are affordable. There are plenty of safe snorkeling and diving locations and courses for different ages. Adults get full certification after completing the course while children get Junior certification.

Curacao, the Caribbean

In just four days, you can achieve full diving certification after an intensive training course in this scenic setting. Curacao is known for its breathtaking underwater landscape with plenty of natural wonders. The waters are crystal clear and there is a vibrant coral reef. These create a remarkable underwater classroom.

The destination offers shallow shore dives and calm conditions, resulting in a gentle learning curve. Education meets adventure here as the underwater world is teeming with majestic sea turtles and colorful fish.

The Red Sea, Egypt

This destination is famed for its excellent visibility and warm, turquoise waters. There are multiple dive schools in Hurghada and Sham El Sheikh. Classes take you through beautiful coral gardens with a great diversity of marine life.

Best Diving Destinations to Scuba Dive with Kids


Bonaire, the Caribbean

For children aged eight and above, the Caribbean Island of Bonaire offers a great environment for children who love underwater adventure. The coral reefs in this destination sit close to the shore in calm waters. This offers a measure of safety even for novices. Bonaire also has crystal clear waters offering excellent visibility. Children get to view a variety of marine life up close, including sea turtles, corals and various colorful species of fish.

Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands

On your next family vacation, give your children an opportunity to learn scuba diving in Grand Cayman. The clear waters and shallow reefs are ideal for young divers. One of the best places to visit here is Stingray City, where kids play with friendly stingrays in waist-deep water.

Key Largo and Key West, Florida

One of the main advantages of this destination is easy accessibility from mainland Florida. This makes it convenient when traveling with kids. It has warm, clear waters with great visibility and shallow coral reefs for kids to explore. There are diverse diving experiences to enjoy here in the natural and artificial reefs, as well as shipwrecks. Young explorers also get an educational tour at the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary.

Maui, the Big Island, Hawaii

Scuba diving with children in Maui is an extraordinary experience. The volcanic atoll of Molokini is a particularly captivating site. The coral reefs here have been growing for several centuries on top of underwater volcanic formations. They teem with marine life, with some species that are only exclusive to Hawaii.

Popular dive sites for kids have easy beach entries and gentle underwater terrain. In addition to exploring the reefs, the kids can visit underwater caves and lava tubes. The stunning landscapes of Hawaii offer a picturesque backdrop for these adventures.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Like the other family-friendly sites on our collection, Riviera Maya boasts calm and clear waters as well as shallow reefs. However, it also has unique cenote diving experiences where children get to explore freshwater sinkholes and underground caverns. They can also visit the nearby Mayan ruins for a cultural experience.

Best Scuba Diving destinations for History Lovers


Sardinia, Italy

If you happen to be a history enthusiast, Sardinia, Italy offers a unique experience. The coastal waters in this region have plenty of shipwrecks from different time periods. There are Phoenician and Roman ships offering a glimpse into the history of the Mediterranean.

Underwater caves such as the Grotta del Nereo are home to ancient artefacts, providing a unique historical adventure. Complete your Sardinian cultural trip with a tour of villages, archeological sites and museums on dry land.

The Maltese Archipelago

Malta is an enticing historical diving site due to its rich maritime history. World War II aircraft and ships offer a peek into the wartime history of the land. It also has much older shipwrecks estimated to be thousands of years old. The Phoenician Shipwreck of Gozo is a great example.

The region also has underwater caves like the Blue Grotto that seafarers used in times past. Diving into these rich waters is like a trip back into time. As a bonus, the water is crystal clear and the rich diversity of marine life makes worth your while.


The Pacific Island of Palao offers an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts for two main reasons. First, it is home to submerged World War II artefacts such as tanks and aircraft. Second, it also has a number of well-preserved World War II shipwrecks. These include the Chuyo Maru and Iro Maru among others. Interestingly, some of these relics of war have turned into artificial reefs and are now teeming with marine life.

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Our list of best places to scuba dive for history buffs would not be complete without Truk Lagoon. It has an exceptionally well-preserved collection of World War II shipwrecks. The collection, known as the “Ghost Fleet” consists of aircraft, warships and supplies. The wrecks date back to 1944 when the US military carried out Operation Hailstone against a Japanese fleet.

For the more experienced divers, Truk Lagoon is reputed for its opportunities for technical diving. This makes it a great choice for advanced explorers who want to reach deeper wrecks. Further contributing to its overall experience is the abundance of marine life and healthy coral reefs.

Best Scuba Diving Resorts for a Luxury Trip


In case you are looking for a luxury scuba diving experience, there are a number of resorts around the world to choose from. These offer a blend of exceptional diving opportunities as well as top of the range accommodations. Consider some:

  • Amanpulo, the Philippines – Amanpulo sits on a private island and is renowned for its pristine beaches and exclusive diving.
  • Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles – this exclusive destination is world famous for its stunning underwater landscape. It is located in a lush tropical paradise.
  • Lizard Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef, Australia – if you would like to explore one of the world’s most famous marine worlds without the crowds, this is your best bet. It sits on a private island.
  • Amankila, Bali, Indonesia – enjoy a top-notch diving experience in Bali’s clear waters while staying at this tranquil hillside resort.
  • Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru – enjoy exclusive access to pristine dive sites on the Indian Ocean while staying at one of these resort’s overwater bungalows

A World of Underwater Adventure in the best diving destinations

Whether you have been wondering where to go scuba diving with kids, for a history trip or for a luxury vacation, these are your best diving destinations. No matter where your adventure vacation takes you, there is a great site to meet your needs. If you have been holding back from this thrilling adventure, start with the shallow shore dive locations for novices. In no time at all, you will be swimming with the fishes and enjoying the pleasures of underwater exploration.

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