Hidden Ziplining Destinations: 7 Unknown Places to Visit in Africa

Zipline adventures and canopy tours are among the most memorable holiday experiences. Hidden ziplining destinations in Africa give you a peek into interesting landscapes you may otherwise not see. They also offer a welcome rush of adrenaline for people of all ages, ideal for family vacations.

The best part about this adventure is that every destination offers a unique experience. Depending on where your wanderlust takes you, there is so much to see. From dramatic gorges and stunning waterfalls, to scenic beaches and wildlife.

In order to help you choose the best destination, we have created a comprehensive guide of the best places to zip line in Africa. To narrow things down, we have isolated specific locations for different kinds of adventures. Read on to discover the best ziplining adventure locations on the continent.

Hidden Ziplining Destinations over Savannah Grasslands

Tanzip Zipline, Tanzania (Mto wa Mbu)


This fun course takes you on a trip between giant baobab trees. Underneath, you get to enjoy the stunning beauty of the African savannah. Situated on the base of the Rift Valley, it offers amazing views all around.

From the high vantage point, you will take in great views of Lake Manyara and Maasai land. A scenic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro adds to the appeal.

The course takes you through five eco platforms and four cable lines for an unforgettable adrenaline rush. You can combine this fun activity with a tour of the treetop walkway, a cultural trip and a mountain bike tour.

Hidden Ziplining Destinations for Mountain Adventure Lovers

Waterberg Zipline Adventures, South Africa

For the best blend of a hiking expedition and a mountain adventure, this is your best bet. Waterberg is set in a scenic landscape consisting of dramatic mountain ranges, dense forest, open savannahs and deep valley. The area is home to a wide range of wildlife species that you might spot from above. There are at least 250 bird species and plenty of indigenous trees.

The cable lines here give you a taste of these diverse environments. One takes you on a crazy zig zag ride that promises plenty of fun and laughter. Best of all, the location is accessible to anyone aged five and above, making it ideal if you are on a family vacation.

Hidden Ziplining Destinations for Forest Lovers

Kereita Forest, Kenya

Famed for being East Africa’s longest, the Kereita Forest zipline offers a thrilling experience in a lesser-known location. Situated in the Aberdare Range, it offers a breath of clean mountain air and breathtaking forest views.

The 2.2-kilometer stretch features a total of six ziplines, the longest of which is just over 400 meters. One of these offers a great view of Mount Kenya while another takes you over curves on a ridge. It is an opportunity to fly at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour as you take in the view. On the ground below, you might spot herds of elephant and colobus monkeys.

Mabira Forest Canopy Super Skyway, Uganda


On this adrenaline-pumping course, you get to experience a comprehensive system consisting of five cable lines. As you glide through the canopies, you get a stunning view of the dense rainforest below. You might spot the red-tailed monkey, the rare grey-cheeked mangabey, turacos and the African fish eagle.

Your course will also give you a glimpse of Griffin Falls, a beautiful gem hidden in the rainforest. Crossing River Musamya is yet another experience worth looking forward to. The adventure here includes hiking a beautiful nature trail to and from the canopy.

Hidden Ziplining Destinations on Waterfalls

Tsitsikamma Falls Zipline Adventures, South Africa

On this zip tour, you get to experience eight different lines. These take you over the Kruis River and offer spectacular views of three waterfalls. The area is part of the Tsitsikamma National Park and has great natural scenery.

The longest course takes you across a 211-meters long cable. In between, you get to enjoy a hike through scenic terrain. If flying by the waterfalls is not enough, you can always enjoy the visual feast from a deck. For even better views, take the trail to a nearby suspension bridge.

Notably, you can always slow down or even stop along the cable to absorb the beauty of the falls. The course has a unique, patented braking system that takes this adventure to the next level. You can combine the ziplining trip with an abseiling adventure.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tour


Looking for the ultimate aerial adventure in Africa? Nothing compares to the thrill of ziplining the Zambezi River from Victoria Falls. It is ideal if you cannot stomach bungee jumping at the same location.

The line here is 425 meters long and is suspended 120 meters above ground. It will have you hurtling across the mighty river at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. If you can get your adrenaline in check, an upstream glance will give you the most dramatic views of the thundering Victoria Falls.

Mutarazi Falls Skyline and Skywalk, Zimbabwe

One of the best kept secrets in Africa is a ziplining destination on the second highest waterfall in Africa. Mutarazi. Located in the eastern highlands of the country, this site offers an opportunity to walk or fly across a 760+ meters chasm.

If you would rather not fly across the gorge, how about taking one of the two skywalk bridges? The view from up here is also exhilarating and still offers an adrenaline pump. One of the two bridges takes you over the waterfall’s lip.

What You Need to Know Before Exploring Africa’s Hidden Ziplining Destinations

  • In order to make the most of your ziplining adventure, here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Most destinations require closed-toe shoes
  • Remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin
  • Dress up in comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather
  • Always listen to the guides and follow directions
  • Resist the urge to close your eyes; try to embrace the experience and enjoy the sights
  • Take everything out of your pockets

Ziplining Africa – Elevate Your Perspective

Are you planning your next African safari? Be sure to include a trip to one of these hidden ziplining destinations. You may have to face your fear of heights and let out a few screams. But the experience is well worth your while. It is an unforgettable opportunity to elevate your perspective and take in views you have never seen before.

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