Surfing in Africa: 5 Off-the-Radar Wave Riding Destinations

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With close to 30,500 kilometers of coastline, plenty of warm water and great waves, Africa is one of the world’s best surf destinations. Surfing in Africa is a chance to experience a wide variety of waves for unforgettable water adventures. The tropical weather means you can ride the waves almost all year round. And best of all, there are plenty of surf spots to explore.

For ardent wave lovers, South Africa and Morocco top the list of popular surfing destinations in Africa. However, the continent is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The best part about these secret spots is that they are less crowded and budget-friendly.

Here is a roundup of the best off-the-radar spots where you can enjoy the ultimate adventure vacation:

Best Hidden Destinations for Surfing in Africa


Almadies Pensinsula, Yoff Beach, Ouakam and Casamance, Senegal

Senegal’s surf scene became a worldwide sensation with the release of one of the most famous surf movies, Endless Summer. The West African country has a tropical climate, and boasts clear, warm waters. It is home to scenic beaches and friendly people. The best time to surf here is between November and March. During this period, the region has powerful swells rising up to 10 feet, ideal for all manner of breaks.

A majority of the best surf spots lie close to the capital city, Dakar. You can enjoy some of the best breaks on the Almadies Peninsula. As the furthest western point on the continent, it receives some of the largest swells on the planet. On the reefs here, there are both lefts and rights and these are shielded from the wind.

For beginners, Yoff Beach is another great spot. Though some of the swells here are huge, the waves are quite friendly. Experienced surfers will love the fast barrels in Ouakam, one of the most beautiful spots in Dakar.

A real hidden gem is the Casamance, located in the south of Senegal. It is home to long beaches with uncrowded waves, and some of the most powerful beach breaks.

Ponta d’Ouro ,Tofinho and Barra Beach, Mozambique


Mozambique is known for having some of the most pristine beaches with sparkling, white sands. It offers ideal conditions for surfing in Africa. The country has 2,500 kilometers of coastline on the Indian Ocean and crystal-clear waters. Though the water is warm and the temperature is great all year round, the best time to go is April to October. The swells are strongest during these months.

A majority of its best spots lie in the south because the northern side is sheltered by Madagascar. Ponta d’Ouro is the most famous spot with consistent breaks and long waves. Another popular spot is Tofinho, famed for its long shoulders and hollow barrels.

For an off-the-beaten path experience, Barra Beach is a great spot known for its windswells and groundswells. It has the most consistent waves in April and is rarely crowded. Stay on the lookout for sharks.

Cabo Ledo, Buraco, Miradouro and Point Mussulo, Angola

Angola is a great destination for surfing in Africa, with about 1,500 kilometers of exposed coastline and lots of swells. It sits on the same latitude as Indonesia, one of the world’s top surfing destinations. Its monsoon climate brings plenty of rainfall between September and April. The best months for a surfing vacation are between June and October when swells are consistent.

The country as a whole is an off-radar destination, meaning that even the popular spots are not at all crowded. Its most popular spot is Cabo Ledo, which offers a cool wave for inexperienced surfers. Buraco is yet another favorite, with suitable breaks for beginners as well as seasoned water babies.

Though Miradouro is the toughest to access, it has some of the best left-hand breaks. Another great spot is Point Mussulo, located in the capital, Luanda. Though it is a convenient spot, it can have some strong currents.

Robertsport, Cottons Point, Mamba Beach and Fisherman, Liberia

In recent years, Liberia has joined the ranks of great places for surfing in Africa. Despite having some of the best spots on the continent, it remained undiscovered for a long time due to civil war. Since the war ended, it has turned into a surfer’s paradise.

It is famed for clear waters, amazing left breaks and perfect barrels. The water here is warm and the locals are friendly. The country has a tropical climate and the best time to surf is between April and October.

Robertsport Peninsula is one of the top spots here, offering a series of great points. Cottons is one of the best among these, often creating vast walls that run up to half a mile. Mamba Beach is also known for great breaks. Another great point is Fisherman, 10 kilometers from the capital Monrovia. Here you may chance upon epic hollow barrels if your timing is perfect.

Ankaninoof, Barren Islands, Maintirano, Lavanono and Jelly Baby, Madagascar

As the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar has close to 5,000 kilometers of coastline. Thanks to its open position on the Indian Ocean, it has some of the best swells for surfing in Africa. Despite these obvious highlights, it remains one of the least explored destinations for surfers. The tropical climate here offers best surfing conditions between March and September.

Among the best spots seasoned surfers is Ankaninoof, whose waves are powerful and consistent. It offers plenty of right and left breaks, but you need to be on the lookout for sharks. If you love coral passes, Barren Islands and the coast of Maintirano are ideal locations.

Some of Madagascar’s best points are off the coast because the island is surrounded by coral reefs. Seasoned wave riders appreciate the ref-break at Lavanono, which offers a great left. Towards the southwest, newbies can enjoy a great ride at Jelly Baby, located opposite Anakao.

The Ultimate African Surf Safari

Surfing in Africa offers plenty of adventure opportunities for water lovers of all levels. Most of the above locations are still vastly unexplored and uncrowded. Though the surf culture in these hidden gems is yet to develop fully, the epic waves and calm conditions make it worthwhile. So if you are looking for the ultimate African surf safari, these are the best places to start.

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