Bleisure Travel Destinations in Australia: 6 Best Kept Secrets


Australia is one of the world’s best places for combining business and leisure. Bleisure travel destinations in Australia are a great combo of stunning natural wonders, unique wildlife and a rich culture.

Whether you are a thrill seeker, a foodie or a wildlife lover, this continent has something for everyone. Australia is renowned for fine wine, great food, stunning native scenery and great weather. It is home to countless beaches, national parks and unique natural wonders.

Your workation adventure down under does not have to be limited to Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the continent’s best places to visit are in fact completely off the tourist radar. Take a look at Australia’s best kept secrets for bleisure trips:

Hidden Spots in Australia for Bleisure Travel

Byron Bay, New South Wales


Byron Bay is best known for its world class beaches. But you do not have to be a beach lover to enjoy a workation here. This town is full of attractions and experiences for every type of traveler. It is home to the spectacular Minyon Falls, located in Nightcap National Park. This waterfall has a 100-meters drop, a breathtaking view for nature lovers. Enjoy nature walks through ancient rainforests in the park. If you love a good hike, you can take in the stunning beauty of the entire landscape from the peak of Mount Nardi.

While you are still in Byron Bay, don’t forget to tour the fascinating Crystal Castle. In addition to its beautiful gardens, it has an intriguing labyrinth to explore. The giant crystals here will take your breath away. For mind-blowing ocean views, take a walking trail through Broken Head Nature Reserve. You will love the secluded beaches here as well as its lush rainforest.

Beyond natural attractions, you can take a cultural tour through Byron Bay Hinterland. The local arts and crafts scene is certainly worth the trip. Learn about how to make world-class gin at the Cape Byron Distillery.

Margaret River, Western Australia

One of the best bleisure travel destinations in Australia is Margaret River. Like most of the hidden spots on our list, it is chock full of adventure activities and attractions. The best part about it is that you can visit any time of year and have an unforgettable experience.

Margaret River is renowned for its intriguing 100+ underground caves, unspoiled coastlines and fine wine. It is a great spot for whale watching in the six-month period between June and December. This is one of few places on the planet where you can watch humpbacks and southern right whales interact. Blue whales and minke whales also migrate through this region.

In the wine region, there are at least 100 wineries to explore and countless food and wine festivals to attend. For cave adventures, Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave, Ngilgi and Lake Cave are the best places to tour. Each of these has interesting geological formations, cave wildlife and plenty of fossils.

Daylesford, Victoria

For the ultimate cultural experience during your bleisure trip, you have to visit Daylesford. It is famous for underground mineral springs, great food and wine and museums and art galleries. The Alpine town sits on the edge of the picturesque Macedon Mountain Ranges.

There are 82 natural mineral springs where you can unwind and detox after a long day of work. Food lovers describe Daylesford as the mecca for foodies, and rightly so. The variety and artistry are among the most dynamic anywhere in the world. Unbelievably, the water from the mountain streams here also tastes amazing.

A paradise for art lovers as well, Daylesford has a vibrant community of artists. Throughout the year, you can sample masterpieces in the countless studios and galleries here. The town in itself resembles a huge museum, with sandstone, bluestone and granite buildings. Cobbled streets add to the charm. But to get a real peek into the past, be sure to tour the museums and heritage centers.

Broome, Western Australia


Unique landscapes and unforgettable sunsets make Broome one of the top bleisure travel destinations in Australia. Despite being one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, Cable Beach is off the tourist radar. Its sparkling white sands stand in contrast against red ochre earth and turquoise waters. When the deep red earth stains the sea waters the result is a work of art.

The waters here are home to vast populations of dolphins, turtles and whales. Thousands of birds migrate through here, making it a great birdwatching spot. For an adrenaline rush, take a jet boat or sea plane through Horizontal Falls. This unusual phenomenon makes the list of the greatest natural wonders in the world for good reason. As a result of a very high tide, waters push through a narrow passage between the cliffs of the McLarty Range. The speed at which the waters move is so high that it resembles a waterfall. Incredibly, the water here flows in two different directions every single day.

For all the moon lovers in the house, Broome is one of few moon watching spots in the world where you can see a “staircase to the moon.” This rare natural phenomenon takes place during the full moon when the tide is low and moonlight hits the mudflats. The result is an illusion of a stairway leading all the way to the moon.

Barossa Valley, South Australia

What does a great workation trip mean to you? If it’s all about fine wine and good food, then Barossa Valley should be on your list of bleisure travel destinations in Australia. The major attractions here are all within reach, making it convenient for quick trips after work or on the weekends.

Following a period of dormancy during winter, the countless vineyards come to life in spring. Touring these locations is not just about seeing grapes on the vine and tasting great wine. Most have provincial farm houses and manors to visit as well, offering unbeatable old-world charm. Foodies will love the variety of delicate cheeses produced in Barossa and the vibrant culinary scene. To get the best idea of what the town has to offer, take one of the foodie trails.

Beyond the food and wine, Barossa is also a nature lover’s paradise. Its national parks host vast kangaroo and emu populations and offer amazing hiking experiences. You can also explore the rolling hills here on a biking tour or hot air balloon ride.

Peregian Beach, Queensland

Our collection of bleisure travel destinations in Australia would be incomplete without the charming beach town of Peregian. This is a hidden gem located a short distance away from tourist magnet Noosa. Despite having breathtaking beaches and beautiful parks, it is almost completely off the radar.

Lake Weyba National Park is among the best spots to visit here for bush walks, birding, kayaking and kite boarding. In high tide, the lake is very clear and great for swimming. For the best water views, stop at the lookout and take a few photos for memories.

The nearby dormant volcano, Emu Mountain offers an easy 5-kilometer summit walk that you can conquer after work. From its summit, you get a beautiful view of the charming coastline all the way to Glass House Mountains. If you visit in spring, the wildflowers at the Peregian Environmental Park will take your breath away.

Turn Your Work Trip into a Vacation in Australia

Who said work trips have to be all about business suits and hunching over your keyboard? Always make the most of your business trips by setting aside time to explore. To carve out the time you need, extend your stay for a few days or get there early. Take advantage of weekends and holidays, and make every minute count when the work day is done.

And when work takes you to the land down under, be sure to include these hidden bleisure spots on your itinerary. While you are here, check out the strangest natural wonders of Australia too. If you find yourself in Asia, here are its best hidden bleisure trip destinations.

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