Bleisure Trips in Asia: 5 Hidden Spots for Work and Play Travel


As the remote work trend gains popularity, bleisure travel has risen to popularity. Bleisure trips in Asia and elsewhere allow you to blend business and leisure.

When you are traveling for work, it is an opportunity to weave in recreational activities into your itinerary. If you are a digital nomad, it helps you chat your routes optimally for the best integration between work and life.

No matter what your personal inclinations are, the world of workation is yours for the taking. Take a look at the best hidden bleisure destinations to explore in Asia for different experiences:

Historical Sites for the Ultimate Workation Trip

Luang Prabang, Laos


It comes as no surprise that Luang Prabang is among the most popular destinations for bleisure trips in Asia. This Laotian city is known for its stunning natural beauty. Situated between the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers, it is renowned for spectacular sunsets and jungle hiking. Best of all, this hidden gem remains off the radar.

Among the features making it a great workation spot is accessibility. There are daily two-hour flights from Bangkok to the capital of Laos, Vientiane. From Vientiane, it takes two hours to get to Luang Prabang via high-speed train.

Spend your mornings focused on work in a charming guesthouse or café. After a day of pounding on the keyboard, take an evening stroll to the night market. It has a variety of delicious street foods to sample. This includes grilled sticky rice, Laotian baguette, sun-cured pork and coconut rice cakes. This UNESCO World Heritage city is also home to a rich architectural landscape. It blends colonial era influences and traditional Lao style. There are beautiful ancient temples to visit as well as royal buildings and old villages.

Galle, Sri Lanka

The historic fort city of Galle is an ideal location for bleisure trips in Asia for two main reasons. One, there are convenient spots for remote work in its many co-working spaces. Second, it is full of natural and cultural attractions to visit.

You can either drive to Galle from Colombo (two-hour drive) or take a coastal train ride through the scenic landscape.

The UNESCO site of Galle Fort features a mix of Portuguese and Dutch colonial architecture. Back in the 17th century, it was one of several European forts in Asia. It is still one of the best surviving monuments of that era. The iconic buildings here date back to that time, portraying traces of the rich heritage.

You can polish up on the history of the city in the numerous museums. There are art galleries, hotels and boutiques to visit. After enjoying a swim at the nearby Lighthouse beach, watch the sunset on the ramparts. If you are a scuba diving fan, how about exploring the shipwrecks and marine life in Unawatuna Beach?

Nature Lovers Destinations for Work and Play Travel

Hualien, Taiwan

One of the best spots for nature-loving digital nomads and bleisure travelers is Hualien, Taiwan. Nestled between the Central Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, it is a paradisaic location. It has stunning natural scenery consisting of beaches, winding rivers and marble canyons.

The coastal plains end abruptly where towering cliffs begin. The spectacular Taroko Gorge cuts through granite and marble mountains. Wind your way down the Tunnel of Nine Turns to take in the breathtaking views of these marble walls. Marvel at the Eternal Spring Shrine which sits on a cliff overlooking a beautiful waterfall.

When it’s time to work, take your spot in one of the co-working spaces. Most of these are designed to overlook the lush mountains or the Pacific. Aside from taking in the visual feast of natural wonders, be sure to sample Taiwanese cuisine. The cultural scene is also worth exploring in the local day and night markets.

Pokhara, Nepal


When work takes you to Nepal, you have no choice but to take in all of nature’s wonders in Pokhara. Situated about 200 kilometers west of Nepalese capital Kathmandu, it sits in the heart of mountainous terrain. Eight of the tallest mountains in the world are in fact within reach from here.

Pokhara is right on the foothills of the Himalayas and a short way from the Annapurna Ranges as well as Machapuchare Mountains. The Annapurna ranges include three of the top 10 mountains worldwide – Manaslu, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Phewa Lake provides the perfect backdrop to the snow-capped mountain ranges.

Nature adventures here include boating, mountain hiking, paragliding and paddle boarding. Notably, the nearby Kathmandu Valley has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit while you are here.

Well-situated co-working and co-living spaces in Pokhara will keep you focused on the business aspects of your trip.

Best Island Destination in Asia for Bleisure Travel

Koh Phangan, Thailand


Part of the Chumphon Archipelago, Koh Phangan is a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. What makes it a great location for bleisure trips in Asia is the setting. Though it is a popular spot for daytrippers and backpackers, it is still relatively secluded.

This tropical paradise features beautiful palms surrounding sparkling, white sandy beaches. There are dense jungles, hilly landscapes and coconut plantations inland. Secluded coves and bays offer tranquil retreats for adventure and creative inspiration.

During the day, you might want to get your work done in one of the beachside co-working spots or a café overlooking the sea. When you need a break, explore the waterfalls and jungles or take a dive in the crystal-clear waters. At night, indulge in the vibrant beach parties and explore the night markets. For moon lovers, this is a great destination for full moon parties.

How to Plan Business and Leisure Trips

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when planning your trip to a bleisure destination:

  • Prioritize affordability so as to make the most of your workation
  • Consider areas with co-working and co-living facilities
  • Always adopt a business-first attitude to ensure leisure does not get in the way
  • If you cannot work and play every day, arrive early or extend your vacation by a day or two to explore
  • Choose versatile clothing that will work for both work and play to reduce luggage

Live in the Moment with Work and Play Travel

As the lines between business and leisure get more and more blurry, bleisure travel is quickly gaining traction. Whether you are a freelancer or a digital nomad, these trips are a great way to live in the moment. Rather than waiting all year to take your dream vacation, you can live it every single day. Of course, it takes considerable planning, but is well worth every effort.

So the next time work brings you around, be sure to seek out these hidden spots for bleisure trips in Asia. And when wotk takes you to Australia, here are the best hidden bleisure travel spots to explore.

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